Episode#17 in Video

Covid 19 aka Coronavirus

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Episode#18 in Video

NFL Free Agency, Stock Market, Covid 19

Episode#19 in Video

Interview with Adam Cregan

Episode#20 in Video

Tiger King, mask from China, by law, lotto max, and “VS”


Episode#21 in Video

16 Bars of death, XFL Banruptcy, Social Distancing,

6ix9ine out of prison, "VS", Question of the day

Episode#22 in Video

Interview with Cedrick Colas, 16 Bars of Death winner,

Nova scotia Shooting, Surving R.Kelly etc.

Episode#23 in Video

Interview with Comedian Josh Williams 

Episode#24 in Video

Interview with Rapper Fats from Spitters Union,

Panel discussion on Covid 19

Episode#25 in Video

Interview with Dj Ilon and Winner of the 16 Bars of Death

Episode#26 in Video

The Last Dance & 6ix9ine

Episode#27 in Video

Interview with Dj / Producer Katrella